Franziska Ansari

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Iron intake and status were investigated in 471 mothers (age range: 16-53 years) from rural areas in Khorramabad, Islamic Republic of Iran. Although average total iron intake was acceptable, only 6.4% of women derived at least 4% of their total intake from animal iron. Average energy and protein intakes were inadequate. Low iron status was seen in(More)
Uncommon developmental abnormalities such as fused or geminated teeth are of interest for the clinical problems associated with them. A rare case of fusion between maxillary primary central and lateral incisors and a supplemental incisor occurring bilaterally is presented. The patient was a 4-year-old Thai boy. Intraoral examination revealed an abscess and(More)
Heart transplantations have been performed in the Centre for Paediatric Heart Surgery at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen (Germany) since 1988. For further consultation and therapy, some affected children subsequently present at the Polyclinic for Paediatric Dentistry. In all these cases problematic oral findings were diagnosed. It was the aim of(More)
BACKGROUND The retention and growth of cariogenic microorganisms on toothbrushes pose a threat of recontamination. The authors to studied three species of oral microorganisms found at different places on toothbrush filaments. METHODS The authors tested on patients 30 toothbrushes each of three different toothbrush types made by a single manufacturer. The(More)
Dens invaginatus is a malformation of teeth probably resulting from an infolding of the dental papilla during tooth development. Clinically, it is frequently characterized by unusual crown morphology. It is common to see peg- or barrel-shaped teeth. The present case describes dens invaginatus in a lateral maxillary incisor (Oehler type II) with a(More)
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