Franz-Xaver Pengg

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Miniaturization and reduction of power dissipation are two issues that currently prevent the seamless integration of wireless and networking capability into any tiny high-tech object such as hearing aids or miniature drug delivery monitoring devices or implants. The combination of MEMS technologies, yielding novel devices such as RF bulk acoustic wave (BAW)(More)
The WiseNET system includes an ultra low-power system-on-chip (SoC) hardware platform and WiseMAC, a low power medium access control protocol (MAC) dedicated to duty-cycled radios. Both elements have been designed to meet the specific requirements of wireless sensor networks and are particularly well suited to ad-hoc and hybrid networks. The WiseNET radio(More)
A 2.4 GHz polar transmitter compliant with the IEEE 802.15.6 standard is presented in this paper. A Linearized class-C power amplifier, employing dynamic biasing is used to minimize the adjacent channel interference and satisfy the defined spectrum mask requirements. An FBAR based frequency synthesizer enables fast startup and channel switching times. It is(More)
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