Franz Wesselmann

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K. Abe,21 T. Akagi,18,21 B. D. Anderson,7 P. L. Anthony,18 R. G. Arnold,1 T. Averett,5 H. R. Band,23 C. M. Berisso,9 P. Bogorad,15 H. Borel,6 P. E. Bosted,1 V. Breton,3 M. J. Buenerd,18 G. D. Cates,15 T. E. Chupp,10 S. Churchwell,9 K. P. Coulter,10 M. Daoudi,18 P. Decowski,17 R. Erickson,18 J. N. Fellbaum,1 H. Fonvieille,3 R. Gearhart,18 V. Ghazikhanian,8(More)
K. Abe , T. Akagi , B. D. Anderson , P. L. Anthony , R. G. Arnold , T. Averett , H. R. Band , C. M. Berisso , P. Bogorad , H. Borel , P. E. Bosted , V. Breton , M. J. Buenerd , G. D. Cates , T. E. Chupp , S. Churchwell , K. P. Coulter , M. Daoudi , P. Decowski , R. Erickson , J. N. Fellbaum , H. Fonvieille , R. Gearhart , V. Ghazikhanian , K. A. Griffioen ,(More)
We have examined the spin structure of the proton in the region of the nucleon resonances (1.085 GeV<W<1.910 GeV) at an average four momentum transfer of Q2=1.3 GeV2. Using the Jefferson Lab polarized electron beam, a spectrometer, and a polarized solid target, we measured the asymmetries A|| and A(perpendicular) to high precision, and extracted the(More)
R. Asaturyan,1 R. Ent,2,3 H. Mkrtchyan,1 T. Navasardyan,1 V. Tadevosyan,1 G. S. Adams,4 A. Ahmidouch,5 T. Angelescu,6 J. Arrington,7 A. Asaturyan,1 O. K. Baker,2,3 N. Benmouna,8 C. Bertoncini,9 H. P. Blok,10 W. U. Boeglin,11 P. E. Bosted,2,12 H. Breuer,13 M. E. Christy,3 S. H. Connell,14 Y. Cui,15 M. M. Dalton,16 S. Danagoulian,5 D. Day,17 J. A. Dunne,18 D.(More)
We have measured the nuclear transparency of the A(e,e'pi+) process in 2H, 12C, 27Al, 63Cu, and 197Au targets. These measurements were performed at the Jefferson Laboratory over a four momentum transfer squared range Q2=1.1 to 4.7 (GeV/c)2. The nuclear transparency was extracted as the super-ratio of (sigmaA/sigmaH) from data to a model of(More)
New Jefferson Lab data are presented on the nuclear dependence of the inclusive cross section from (2)H, (3)He, (4)He, (9)Be and (12)C for 0.3 < x < 0.9, Q(2) approximately 3-6 GeV(2). These data represent the first measurement of the EMC effect for (3)He at large x and a significant improvement for (4)He. The data do not support previous A-dependent or(More)
We report new measurements of the ratio of the electric form factor to the magnetic form factor of the neutron, G(n)(E)/G(n)(M), obtained via recoil polarimetry from the quasielastic 2H(e-->,e(')n-->)1H reaction at Q2 values of 0.45, 1.13, and 1.45 (GeV/c)(2) with relative statistical uncertainties of 7.6% and 8.4% at the two higher Q2 points, which points(More)