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PURPOSE To evaluate the diagnostic benefit of contrast-enhanced ultrasound for the differential diagnosis of liver tumors in clinical practice. MATERIALS AND METHODS From May 2004 to December 2006 1349 patients (male 677, female 672) with a hepatic tumor lacking a definite diagnosis based on B-mode ultrasound and power Doppler ultrasound were examined at(More)
Haemorrhagic disorders must be excluded prior to any operation or other invasive procedure that has the potential to involve serious bleeding. When assessing the individual risk of bleeding, screening tests of hemostasis must be combined with the patient's clinical history and symptoms, and any history of bleeding must be explored under direct medical(More)
SCOPE The aim of this study was to determine the amounts of polyphenols and D-(-)-quinic acid reaching the ileostomy bags of probands (and thus the colon in healthy humans) after ingestion of apple smoothie, a beverage containing 60% cloudy apple juice and 40% apple puree. METHODS AND RESULTS Ten healthy ileostomy subjects each ingested 0.7 L of apple(More)
Uremic patients undergoing hemodialysis (HD) are considered to face an elevated risk for atherosclerosis and cancer. This has been attributed in part to an increased oxidative stress. In this pilot study, oxidative cell damage in blood of HD-patients was compared to those of controls: total DNA damage (basic and specific oxidative DNA damage), modulation of(More)
Cyclosporine (CSA)-associated arteriolopathy (CAA) is the second most frequent morphological diagnosis in renal allografts and its final outcome remains unclear. The present study was performed to clarify the morphological outcome of CAA by follow-up histological analysis after stopping CSA. Furthermore, the clinical management of patients showing CAA is(More)
Hemodialysis patients face an elevated risk of cancer, arteriosclerosis, and other diseases, ascribed in part to increased oxidative stress. Red fruit juice with high anthocyanin/polyphenol content had been shown to reduce oxidative damage in healthy probands. To test its preventive potential in hemodialysis patients, 21 subjects in a pilot intervention(More)
Epidemiological and experimental evidence increasingly suggests coffee consumption to be correlated to prevention or delay of degenerative diseases connected with oxidative cellular stress. In an intervention study comprising 33 healthy volunteers, we examined DNA-protective and antioxidative effects exerted in vivo by daily ingestion of 750 mL of freshly(More)
Hereditary amyloidoses are caused by germline mutations, which increase the propensity of a protein to form cross-beta aggregates and deposit as amyloid. Hereditary amyloidoses are particularly interesting as they help to understand how changes in the primary structure of an otherwise non-amyloidogenic protein contribute to amyloidogenesis. Here we report(More)