Franz Sauer

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Nacre, the crown jewel of natural materials, has been extensively studied owing to its remarkable physical properties for over 160 years. Yet, the precise structural features governing its extraordinary strength and its growth mechanism remain elusive. In this paper, we present a series of observations pertaining to the red abalone (Haliotis rufescens)(More)
Studying the dynamic evolution of time-varying volumetric data is essential in countless scientific endeavors. The ability to isolate and track features of interest allows domain scientists to better manage large complex datasets both in terms of visual understanding and computational efficiency. This work presents a new trajectory-based feature tracking(More)
This paper presents a framework to enable parallel data analyses and visualizations that combine both Lagrangian particle data and Eulerian field data of large-scale combustion simulations. Our framework is characterized by a new range query based design that facilitates mutual queries between particles and volumetric segments. Scientists can extract(More)
F usion energy research is a complex field dedicated to developing low-cost sustainable energy sources. Scientists at the Princ-eton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) are currently focusing on studying magnetic confinement in an attempt to develop practical fusion energy. The most promising current confinement method is that of the toroidal-shaped device(More)
The ability to efficiently and accurately extract features of interest is an extremely important tool in the field of scientific visu-alization as it allows researchers to isolate regions based on their domain knowledge. However, the increasing size of large-scale datasets often forces users to rely on distributed computing environments which have many(More)
Visualizing the velocity decomposition of a group of objects has applications to many studied data types, such as Lagrangian-based flow data or geospatial movement data. Traditional visualization techniques are often subject to a trade-off between visual clutter and loss of detail, especially in a large scale setting. The use of 2D velocity histograms can(More)
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