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This chapter describes micromechanical and macroscopic material models for granular and porous materials and applications to powder technological processing steps. The emphasis lies on powder compaction and sintering, while for the other steps of the process chain (powder fabrication and conditioning, pouring of the loose powder in the die, post-sintering(More)
1. Three different proteinases were isolated from intestinal extracts of Hirudo. 2. The action on synthetic substrates and the effect of various inhibitors indicate that one is a trypsin-like enzyme whereas the other two are chymotryptic. 3. This was confirmed by analysing the degradation of the insulin B-chain. 4. The relative molecular masses of all(More)
Electron microscopic and statistical analyses of 66 right ventricular biopsies from 48 patients were undertaken to investigate whether quantitative differences exist between those patients with "ordinary" myocardial hypertrophy and those suffering from a form of cardiomyopathy. The electron microscopic changes were scored and correlated with hemodynamic(More)
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