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GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (GMPase, EC catalyses the synthesis of GDP-D-mannose and represents the first committed step in the formation of all guanosin-containing sugar nucleotides found in plants which are precursors for cell wall biosynthesis and, probably more important, the synthesis of ascorbate. A full-length cDNA encoding GMPase from S.(More)
Mossbauer spectra measured by the Opportunity rover revealed four mineralogical components in Meridiani Planum at Eagle crater: jarosite- and hematite-rich outcrop, hematite-rich soil, olivine-bearing basaltic soil, and a pyroxene-bearing basaltic rock (Bounce rock). Spherules, interpreted to be concretions, are hematite-rich and dispersed throughout the(More)
We report X-ray emission spectra of Fe(III), Fe(II), and Co(II) spin-crossover compounds in their high-spin and low-spin forms. It is shown that all X-ray emission features are sensitive to the spin state. Variations of the Kbeta and the Kalpha emission line shapes, which are in agreement with theory, can be used as quantitative probes of the spin state; it(More)
Mössbauer spectra measured on Mars by the Spirit rover during the primary mission are characterized by two ferrous iron doublets (olivine and probably pyroxene) and a ferric iron doublet (tentatively associated to nanophase ferric iron oxide). Two sextets resulting from nonstoichiometric magnetite are also present, except for a coating on the rock Mazatzal,(More)
The p-glycoprotein (Pgp) is the most prominent member of active drug transporters leading to a multidrug-resistant phenotype. For identification of tumors functionally overexpressing Pgp in vivo, non-invasive imaging techniques are needed. Six Schiff base compounds were synthesized and labeled with 68Ge/68Ga generator-derived 68Ga. The compounds were(More)
The magnetism of a series of tetranuclear complexes of the [Fe4IIL4]8+ [2x2]-grid-type was investigated, revealing the occurrence of spin transition behavior within this class of compounds. The phenomenon depends directly on the nature of the substituent R(1) in the 2-position on the central pyrimidine group of the ligand L. All Fe(II) ions in compounds(More)
[Fe(btzp)3](ClO4)2 (btzp = 1,2-bis(tetrazol-1-yl)propane) represents the first structurally characterized Fe(II) linear chain compound exhibiting thermal spin crossover. It shows a very gradual spin transition (T1/2 = 130 K) which has been followed by magnetic susceptibility measurements and 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy. The structure has been solved at 200(More)