Franz Puntigam

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We present an execution model for distributed transactions that can be employed for multidatabase systems. We use the Flex Transaction model that has been proposed as a highly general and exible tool for the speciication of distributed transactions and extend it by allowing nested and possibly recursive transaction speci-cations. We show how a given(More)
Statically checked process types ensure that a server understands all messages sent by (concurrent) clients, although the acceptability of messages may change dynamically. But, as proposed so far, process types do not ensure that servers return appropriate answers. In this paper an extension is proposed: Servers must send promised messages (to return(More)
Static checking of process types ensures that each object accepts all messages received from concurrent clients, although the set of acceptable messages can depend on the object's state. However, conventional approaches of using dynamic type information (e.g., checked type casts) are not applicable in the current process type model, and the typing of(More)