Franz Puntigam

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Static typing and subtyping are useful for the support of incremental reenement and reuse in object-oriented languages. Although demanded, there is currently no appropriate type model for concurrent object-oriented languages that supports dynamic behavior modiications. We propose a type model based on a process calculus with trace semantics and demonstrate(More)
Design by Contract is a valuable design method for trusted software components. Eiffel shows how to provide appropriate language support for it. However, no such concepts currently exist in Java. Full integration of them into Java may help to improve and guarantee the quality of Java classes. We briefly compare several approaches to extend Java in this way(More)
Process types specify sequences of acceptable messages. Even if the set of acceptable messages changes dynamically, a type checker can statically ensure that only acceptable messages are sent. As proposed so far, all message sequence sets speciied by types can be generated by regular grammars. We propose to increase the expressiveness so that non-regular(More)
Statically checked process types ensure that a server understands all messages sent by (concurrent) clients. although the acceptability of messages may change dynamically. But. as proposed so far, process types do not ensure that ser\‘ers return appropriate answers. In this paper an extension is proposed: Servers must send promised messages (to return(More)