Franz M Weinert

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The proteins associated with gene regulation are often shared between multiple pathways simultaneously. By way of contrast, models in regulatory biology often assume these pathways act independently. We demonstrate a framework for calculating the change in gene expression for the interacting case by decoupling repressor occupancy across the cell from the(More)
A long standing goal is the direct optical control of biomolecules and water for applications ranging from microfluidics over biomolecule detection to non-equilibrium biophysics. Thermal forces originating from optically applied, dynamic microscale temperature gradients have shown to possess great potential to reach this goal. It was demonstrated that laser(More)
The cell is the structural and functional unit of all known living organisms. The inside of cells consists of an aqueous solution, containing all kind of interacting molecules and complex molecular machineries. Precise methods to control properties of fluids, like flow fields or the concentration of solutes would be a powerful tool for the controlled(More)
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