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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine the aspects of quality of life that are affected by weight in the general population, to develop a specific questionnaire (OSQOL) that can measure with reliability and validity the impact of overweight and obesity on well being, and to compare the results with those obtained using a well known generic tool (the "SF 36" scale).(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal management of chronic subdural hematomas remains a challenge. Twist drill craniotomy or burr hole trephination are considered optimal initial treatments, but the reoperation rate for hematoma recurrence and other complications is still high. Therefore, evaluation of possible risk factors for initial treatment failure is crucial. In(More)
Assessment strategies for working with the family of the critically ill typically focus on collecting data from family members in order to determine if the family requires further support or intervention. This article describes using the technique of circular questioning to obtain information from and provide the family with new information. Circular(More)
Infrared tympanic thermometers (ITT) have many documented benefits, including speed, ease of use, and noninvasiveness, to support their use in emergency departments (ED) and intensive care units (ICU). However, concerns have been raised about the accuracy of temperatures reported by ITT. This study was conducted to evaluate the accuracy of 3 brands of ITT,(More)
Presenting and publishing are closely linked. Although many authors are later asked to speak, the reverse is also true. Many presenters are asked to author manuscripts based on their presentations. This author who is experienced in professional presentations and editing gives tips to nurse authors on how to develop a manuscript from a presentation.
  • Franz Loos
  • Canadian journal of cardiovascular nursing…
  • 1993
Mediastinitis is a clinical problem seen in patients after a mediasternotomy usually following cardiac surgery. Although relatively rare, this complication slows recovery, lengthens hospital stay and increases health care costs. An overview of the problem of sternal wound infection after cardiac surgery is provided. Predisposing, intraoperative and(More)
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