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Most RE research is conceptual and concentrates on methods or techniques, primarily supporting a single activity. Moreover, the rare field studies we actually have do not establish a link between RE practices and performance. We therefore conducted this study to identify the RE practices that clearly contribute to software project success. Stakeholders and(More)
Cumulants of noncommutative random variables arising from Fock space constructions are considered. In particular, simplified calculations are given for several known examples on q-Fock spaces. In the second half of the paper we consider in detail the Fock states associated to characters of the infinite symmetric group recently constructed by Bo˙ zejko and(More)
Cumulants linearize convolution of measures. We use a formula of Good to define noncommutative cumulants in a very general setting. It turns out that the essential property needed is exchangeability of random variables. Roughly speaking the formula says that cumulants are moments of a certain " discrete Fourier transform " of a random variable. This(More)
This paper outlines the components of a mobile education system and lists selected examples of universities employing m−education. Several possible approaches in designing and installing such a system are discussed. The main focus is on the project WELCOME (Wireless E−Learning and Communication Environ− ment) at the University of Regensburg. We argue that(More)
This paper deals with Organisational Memory Systems (OMS) which are seen as a new kind of information systems. OMS result from the application of advanced database and network technologies to support Organisational Memory concepts and approaches. First, the notion of OMS, the origin of these systems, their theoretical background and the evolution of data(More)
Let G be a finitely generated group and X its Cayley graph with respect to a finite, symmetric generating set S. Furthermore, let H be a finite group and H ≀ G the lamplighter group (wreath product) over G with group of " lamps " H. We show that the spectral measure (Plancherel measure) of any symmetric " switch–walk–switch " random walk on H ≀ G coincides(More)