Franz Konstantin Fuss

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A traditional method in capturing of human motion is using the cameras. The camera method, although widely used, has it own limitations. This paper presents a different way of capturing the human motion. The method involved utilizing electrogoniometer (biometrics, UK) to obtain the joint angles throughout the motion and by using dual Euler angles and dual(More)
The Taguchi method is a statistical approach to overcome the limitation of the factorial and fractional factorial experiments by simplifying and standardizing the fractional factorial design. The objective of the current study is to illustrate the procedures and strengths of the Taguchi method in biomechanical analysis by using a case study of a cervical(More)
Laser class sailors have to hike out, i.e. hook their feet under the toe straps near the centreline of the boat and hold their upper bodies over the edge of the boat, to counteract the heeling forces generated by the sails. To identify the parameters that are associated with maximal hiking performance, this cross-sectional observational study measures(More)
A parametric study was conducted to evaluate axial stiffness of the interbody fusion, compressive stress, and bulging in the endplate due to changes in the spacer position with/without fusion bone using an anatomically accurate and validated L2-L3 finite-element model exercised under physiological axial compression. The results show that the spacer plays an(More)
Athletes adapt their training daily to optimize performance, as well as avoid fatigue, overtraining and other undesirable effects on their health. To optimize training load, each athlete must take his/her own personal objective and subjective characteristics into consideration and an increasing number of wearable technologies (wearables) provide convenient(More)
For workers in extreme environments, such as firefighters, thermal protective clothing is essential to protect them from exposures to high heat and life threatening risks. This study will investigate the design of a new smart protective clothing system, which incorporates sensors in the undergarment to measure physiological data, such as skin temperature,(More)
This paper is a theoretical analysis of mirror tilt in a Michelson interferometer and its effect on the radiant flux over the active area of a rectangular photodetector or image sensor pixel. It is relevant to sensor applications using homodyne interferometry where these opto-electronic devices are employed for partial fringe counting. Formulas are derived(More)
The manner in which anatomical rotation from an individual segment contributes to the position and velocity of the endpoint can be informative in the arena of many athletic events whose goals are to attain the maximal velocity of the most distal segment. This study presents a new method of velocity analysis using dual Euler angles and its application in(More)
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