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Cleft palate combined with multiple, mostly symmetric cordlike adhesions between the free borders of the palate and lateral parts oft the tongue and the floor of the mouth has been observed in 5 (when including a man with incomplete manifestation, 6) members of a family. In addition a moderate hypoplasia of the mandible and the tongue, and a relative short(More)
By ultrasonic scanning, it is possible with reasonable accuracy to demonstrate space occupying lesions in the pancreas, and with a delicate ultrasonic technique, a puncture needle can be guided to a predetermined mass in the pancreas. In 25 patients with suspected pancreatic lesions, scanning demonstrated a solid mass lesion in the pancreas. Twenty-one(More)
A consecutive series of 301 ultrasonically guided fine needle aspiration biopsies of renal masses was reviewed. The retrieval rate was 95 per cent and a correct cytological diagnosis was established in 82 per cent of the cases. There were 14 false positive aspirates, for a predictive value of a malignant aspirate of only 93 per cent. All false positive(More)