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The search for Noether point symmetries for non-relativistic charged particle motion is reduced to the solution for a set of two coupled, linear partial differential equations for the electromagnetic field. These equations are completely solved when the magnetic field is produced by a fixed magnetic monopole. The result is applied to central electric field(More)
A canonical Hamiltonian formalism is derived for a class of Ermakov systems specified by several different frequency functions. This class of systems comprises all known cases of Hamiltonian Ermakov systems and can always be reduced to quadratures. The Hamiltonian structure is explored to find exact solutions for the Calogero system and for a noncentral(More)
BACKGROUND Complex perianal wounds can be extremely difficult to treat and primary closure of these defects can be a challenge even for experienced surgeons. So far, myocutaneous flaps for wound closure after removal of malignant tumors are a well-accepted option, but there are only a few reports focusing on the primary closure of the perineal wound after(More)
We construct an infinite family of one-dimensional equilibrium solutions for purely magnetized quantum plasmas described by the quantum hydrodynamic model. The equilibria depends on the solution of a third-order ordinary differential equation, which is written in terms of two free functions. One of these free functions is associated to the magnetic field(More)