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To evaluate our initial experience with image guided respiratory gated H-SBRT for liver and lung tumors. The system combines a stereoscopic x-ray imaging system (ExacTrac X-Ray 6D) with a dedicated conformal stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy linear accelerator (Novalis) and ExacTrac Adaptive Gating for dynamic adaptive treatment. Moving targets are(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate our initial experience with Novalis (BrainLAB, Heimstetten, Germany) frameless image-guided noninvasive radiosurgery. METHODS The system combines the dedicated Novalis linear accelerator with ExacTrac X-Ray 6D, an infrared camera and a kilovolt stereoscopic x-ray imaging system, a noninvasive mask system, and ExacTrac robotics for(More)
IMRT (intensity-modulated radiotherapy) verification techniques are reviewed together with investigations demonstrating the intrinsic verification problems. Different IMRT verification procedures for either class solutions or individual patients are demonstrated. Among the latter are techniques like fluence or three-dimensional (3-D) dose distribution(More)
An inhomogeneous anthropomorphic phantom of the human thorax including lungs and spine was developed for verification of three-dimensional (3D) intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). The phantom and spinal cord were filled with undiluted Fricke gel, whereas the lungs were filled with a special low-density Fricke gel. Based on a computed tomography scan of(More)
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