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The understanding of static interactions in colloidal suspensions is well established, whereas dynamic interactions more relevant to biological and other suspended soft-matter systems are less well understood. We present the direct force measurement and quantitative theoretical description for dynamic forces for liquid droplets in another immiscible fluid.(More)
Low concentrations of short chain aliphatic alcohols and organic acids and bases suppress single-bubble sonoluminescence (SBSL) in water. The degree of SL quenching increases with the length of the aliphatic end of the alcohol, and is related to the concentration of the alcohol at the bubble/water interface. The light is preferentially quenched in the(More)
Variations in the mechanical properties of nominally identical V-shaped atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers sourced from the same silicon nitride wafer have been quantified by measuring the spring constants, resonant frequencies and quality factors of 101 specimens as received from the manufacturer using the thermal spectrum method of Hutter and(More)
The acoustic emission from collapsing cavitation bubbles generated using ultrasound of 20 kHz and 515 kHz frequencies in water has been measured and correlated with sonoluminescence and hydroxyl radical production to yield further information on the frequency dependence of sonochemical reactions. A reasonable correlation was found, and the results suggest(More)
Ultrafiltration (UF) of whey is a major membrane based process in the dairy industry. However, commercialization of this application has been limited by membrane fouling, which has a detrimental influence on the permeation rate. There are a number of different chemical and physical cleaning methods currently used for cleaning a fouled membrane. It has been(More)
The effects of a poly(acrylic acid) (PAA)-poly(ethylene) (PEO) comb polymer dispersant on the rheological properties and inter-particle forces in aqueous silica suspensions have been studied under varying pH conditions. The comb polymer was found to adsorb more strongly under acidic than basic conditions, indicating that the PAA backbone of the copolymer(More)
A simple and accurate experimental method is described for determining the effective cantilever spring constant and the detector sensitivity of atomic force microscopy cantilevers on which a colloidal particle is attached. By attaching large (approximately 85 microm diameter) latex particles at various positions along the V-shaped cantilevers, we(More)
Dynamic force measurements have been made between an oil drop and a silica particle in surfactant and sucrose solutions with viscosities that range up to 50 times that of water. These conditions provide variations in the shear rate and the relative time scales of droplet deformation and hydrodynamic drainage in a soft matter system. The results obtained(More)
The surface and hydrodynamic forces between individual oil droplets in solution can provide insight into both emulsion stability and processes such as drop coalescence in liquid-liquid extraction. We present the first measurements of the interaction forces between alkane droplets in aqueous solution using atomic force microscopy. The radii of the droplets(More)