Franz Grieser

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Diclofenac (DF) is an anti-inflammatory drug found in aqueous environments as a pollutant due to its widespread use. The sonolytic, photocatalytic and sonophotocatalytic degradation of DF using three photocatalysts (TiO(2), ZnO and Fe-ZnO) were studied. The degradation of DF followed first-order like kinetics. The sonophotocatalytic degradation using TiO(2)(More)
The effect that surface-active solutes, such as aliphatic alcohols and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), have on the extent of bubble coalescence in liquids under different sonication conditions has been investigated by measuring the volume change of the solution following a period of sonication. In general, the adsorption of surface-active solutes onto the(More)
Acoustic bubble-size distributions have been determined using a pulsed ultrasound method at different ultrasound powers and frequencies. It was observed that the mean bubble size increased with increasing acoustic power and decreased with increasing ultrasound frequency. It was also recognized that the mean size of bubbles emitting sonoluminescence was(More)
Ibuprofen (IBP) is a widely used analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug and has been found as a pollutant in aqueous environments. The sonolytic, photocatalytic and sonophotocatalytic degradations of IBP in the presence of homogeneous (Fe(3+)) and heterogeneous photocatalysts (TiO(2)) were studied. When compared with sonolysis and photocatalysis, a higher(More)
The rate of sonochemical reduction of Au(III) to produce Au nanoparticles in aqueous solutions containing 1-propanol has been found to be strongly dependent upon the ultrasound frequency. The size and distribution of the Au nanoparticles produced can also be correlated with the rate of Au(III) reduction, which in turn is influenced by the applied frequency.(More)
The ultrafiltration of whey solutions is a common feature of dairy processes. However, the frequent fouling of ultrafiltration membranes and the subsequent cleaning cycle significantly affect the economics of such a process. In this work, we investigated the effect of ultrasonics on the cleaning of whey-fouled membranes and examined the variables that(More)
The sonolytic degradation of the nonionic surfactant, octaethylene glycol monododecyl ether (C(12)E(8)), has been studied at various initial concentrations below and above its critical micelle concentration (CMC). It has been observed that the degradation rate increases with an increase in the initial concentration of the surfactant until the CMC is(More)
A solution of gold chloride was reduced using ultrasound irradiation to prepare metallic gold nanoparticles under conditions of microgravity and normal gravity at sea level. Particle size distributions were measured using TEM analysis. A mean particle diameter of 10 nm was obtained in microgravity while a mean diameter of 80 nm was obtained in the(More)
A review of the effects of a range of surface active solutes, aliphatic alcohols, alkyl amines, carboxylic acids and surfactants on bubbles exposed to ultrasound is presented. The solutes are shown to affect the phenomenon of sonoluminescence (SL) in quite a number of different ways. Ionic surfactants have a strong influence on interbubble interactions(More)
We introduce a lateral atomic force microscopy (AFM) method to measure the hydrodynamic drag force acting on a microscopic emulsion droplet moving parallel to a flat surface. A tetradecane oil droplet formed in an aqueous solution of sodium dodecylsulfate was attached to a V-shaped atomic force microscopy cantilever, and lateral hydrodynamic interactions(More)