Franz Girlich

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Network coordinate systems have gained much attention as they allow for an elegant estimation of distances between nodes in distributed systems. Their most prominent representative is Vivaldi, which is using a mass-spring-damper system to embed peers into a two-dimensional Euclidean coordinate space with an additional height coordinate. In unimpaired(More)
In order to perform private communication over public networks, such as the Internet, several different kinds of virtual overlay networks emerged. Examples are the well known Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Darknets, and anonymizing networks like Tor. All of these networks are designed to provide data delivery that is confidential, authentic and integrity(More)
This article introduces the novel concept of Spatiotemporal Multicast (STM), which is the issue of sending a message to mobile devices that have been residing at a specific area during a certain time span in the past. A wide variety of applications can be envisioned for this concept, including crime investigation, disease control, and social applications.(More)
The cheap and globally available communication infrastructure of the Internet, makes it more and more interesting for companies and governments to also exchange private information over it. However, the often deployed manually configured Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have certain limitations: While cryptography can ensure the confidentiality, integrity(More)
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