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Glues and adhesives attach to a surface principally involving molecular attraction, whereas cements mostly work through mechanical interlocking. The adhesive and its degradation products must be biocompatible: chemical, clinical, legal, physical aspects are considered; the toxicity of even minor components must be extremely reduced. The idea of bone bonding(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure in vivo radiocarpal articular pressures during closed reduction and external fixation of distal radius fractures. DESIGN Intraoperative measurements using a sterile pressure sensitive sensor specially constructed for this application. SETTING AND PATIENTS Ten patients with a closed distal radius fracture stabilized by(More)
A technique of osteosynthesis of the clavicle with Hoffmann external fixation was used to treat twenty patients for selected indications, including an open fracture, inability of a patient to tolerate prolonged conservative treatment, or a painful non-union. No vascular or pleural complication was observed. The average time that the external fixator was(More)
This study compares in normal subjects the variability of wrist x-ray film measurements between the right and left sides with the variability of the distribution of those measurements within the population. Additional purposes were to evaluate possible differences of these measurements according to sex, age, side, and hand dominance. The variability when(More)
The relative elongation with elbow flexion of the ulnar nerve, proximal and distal to the cubital tunnel, and of the cubital tunnel retinaculum, was measured in cadaver specimens by stereophotogrammetry. The proximal part of the ulnar nerve elongated significantly with full elbow flexion. No significant change of length was measured in the distal part of(More)
One hundred and twenty-six wrist fractures treated by external fixation were reviewed, with an average followup of six months (range: one to 48 months). Most of the fractures were unstable. A radius-second metacarpal standard half-frame was used in 93.6%. Prolonged capsuloligamentous distraction of the wrist probably provides the best stabilization for(More)
In selected patients with localized malignant bone tumors, radical en bloc resection with adjuvant chemotherapy is now performed. Vascularized bone autografts can be used for secondary reconstruction of the bone defect. These grafts have the advantages of the nonvascularized ones, as well as the advantages of preserved viability. The fibula is usually the(More)
Severe posttraumatic elbow stiffness represents a significant invalidity. Between 1990 and 2005 two surgeons performed open elbow arthrolysis in 30 adult patients (6 women, 24 men, mean age 30.8 years). All cases resulted from severe initial trauma, which had occurred on average 15.5 months previously. Four patients had extrinsic and 18 had mixed(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic hematogenous osteomyelitis (C.H.O.) is still a scourge of the non-industrialized countries. The authors operated on 420 cases of C.H.O. in Algeria between 1968 and 1987. A computerized analysis of the results of the surgical treatment of these 420 cases was made in Brussels, Belgium, by two of the authors. The results of this(More)