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A total of 138 revision hip arthroplasties in 134 patients, all operated upon by one surgeon, were followed for an average of 7.4 years. The overall results were reasonable, with good to excellent Mayo hip scores in 62% and little or no pain in 86%. These results were independent of body weight, age, primary diagnosis and type of arthroplasty used. The(More)
Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a distinct brain state characterized by activated electroencephalogram and complete skeletal muscle paralysis, and is associated with vivid dreams. Transection studies by Jouvet first demonstrated that the brainstem is both necessary and sufficient for REM sleep generation, and the neural circuits in the pons have since(More)
SUMMARY This paper discusses the results obtained from experiments using specially prepared carbon grids on top of metallic substrates and subsequent treatment of the data by means of a theoretical approach which is based on the conventional fundamental parameter theory but also includes secondary excitation effects by photoelectrons. Carbon gridlines with(More)
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