Frantz L Langlais

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A study of 5 fresh cadaveric shoulders demonstrated that an oblique-sagittal plane which crosses the scapula through the medial border of the coracoid process offers a view of the supraspinatus fossa mostly limited by bone. This view could easily be reproduced by MRI and we called it the Y-shaped view. It allowed a reliable measurement of supraspinatus(More)
Thirty chronic rotator cuff tears were repaired consecutively and evaluated prospectively using a precise anatomic description of the tear that included the rotator interval, the Constant functional score, and an assessment of the tendon state and the atrophy of the supraspinatus muscle by preoperative and postoperative magnetic resonance imaging. Early(More)
Thirteen patients underwent pelvic reconstruction by massive allografts after resection of a malignant tumor (primary in 10 patients and metastatic in three patients). In 10 patients, the tumor involved the acetabulum and iliac wing and was reconstructed by a hemipelvic allograft; this was accompanied by a hip arthroplasty in nine of the patients. In three(More)
The functional results of standard reconstruction prostheses are impaired by instability because of poor muscular reinsertion, especially of the gluteal muscles. In 21 patients, composite hip prostheses including proximal femoral allografts were used after primary malignant tumor resection. Ten reconstructions used combined bone-tendon allografts that(More)
UNLABELLED THA revisions using standard cups are at risk of dislocation (5.1% to 14.4% incidence), especially in patients over 70 years of age. Constrained tripolar cups have reduced this risk (6% incidence) but are associated with substantial loosening rates (9%). The nonconstrained dual mobility cup was designed to improve prosthetic stability(More)
Four en-bloc resections for malignant tumours of the hip, the peri-acetabular region and the iliac wing were reconstructed using an irradiated hemipelvic allograft together with a total hip prosthesis. Technical aspects include the use of an anterior Enneking approach which excises the previous biopsy site, division and re-attachment of the iliac crest and(More)
Twenty consecutive rotation osteotomies for idiopathic necrosis of the femoral head with an average followup of 6.5 years were reviewed. The original technique used a nail plate for rotation and fixation of the fragments and proved to be reliable for precision of rotation, osteotomy fusion, and absence of mechanical or vascular complications. There were 16(More)
BACKGROUND The low aggressiveness of Grade I chondrosarcomas is compatible with conservative surgical treatment. QUESTIONS/PURPOSE We asked whether combined curettage and cryotherapy would yield low rates of recurrence and whether supplemental internal fixation would retain function with low rates of complications in patients with Grade I central(More)