Frantisek Stepánek

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In this contribution, mathematical model for the description of solvent evaporation and noble metal crystallization in a porous medium is presented. The methodology is based on the volume-of-fluid method and the aim is validation of the model by comparing the numerical simulation results with analytical solutions for evaporation from a single pore and for(More)
Imaging methods were used as tools to provide an understanding of phenomena that occur during dissolution experiments, and ultimately to select the best ratio of two polymers in a matrix in terms of enhancement of the dissolution rate and prevention of crystallization during dissolution. Magnetic resonance imaging, ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging and Raman(More)
The present work describes the fabrication, structure and functional characterization of composite microcapsules containing encapsulated viable yeast cells, fluorescently labeled liposomes and magnetic nanoparticles embedded in a calcium alginate matrix produced by ink-jet printing. The proliferation of the encapsulated cells under favorable conditions(More)
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