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Intranasal administration of the neuropeptide oxytocin has been shown to influence a range of complex social cognitions and social behaviors, and it holds therapeutic potential for the treatment of mental disorders characterized by social functioning deficits such as autism, social phobia and borderline personality disorder. However, considerable(More)
A general requirement in the environment of traditional experimental science states that any result must be verifiable by redoing the experiment. Nowadays, many “experiments” are carried in a virtual environment as computations. However, the same principle applies – a result of a computation is questionable and generally not accepted by the community if it(More)
The Job Provenance (JP) service is designed to automate keeping track of computations on large scale Grids, giving thus users a tool to correctly archive information about their jobs and to re-submit any job in a reconstructed environment. JP provides a permanent minimal record of job (and its environment) related information, to which free-form user(More)
Karyotypes of twelve species from twenty-four localities in southern Moravia and one locality in Slovakia were investigated. Their counts or karyotypic formulae are as follows:Chenopodium foliosum (Moench) Ascherson: K (2n)=18=16 Am+2 Bsm;Astragalus austriacus Jacq.: K (2n)=16=8 Am+8 Bsm;Astragalus exscapus L.: K (2n)=16=10 Am+4 Bsm+2 Cst;Astragalus cicer(More)
Following the job-centric monitoring concept, Job Provenance (JP) service organizes provenance records on the per-job basis. It is designed to manage very large number of records, as was required in the EGEE project where it was developed originally. The quantitative aspect is also a focus of the presented demonstration. We show JP capability to retrieve(More)
Interactions between large biomolecules and smaller bio-active ligands are usually studied through a process called docking. Its aim is to find an energetically favorable orientation of a ligand within an active site of a biomolecule. Chemical reactions take place in active site and the role of the ligand is either to speed up, slow down or change the(More)
In Brassicaceae there exist three kinds of hairs with secerning function: (1) emergentiae stipitatae globosae, (2) pili eramosi simplices phragmigeri aequabiles, (3) pili eramosi simplices capitati. The first kind of indumentum occurs only inHesperideae Matthiolinae andHesperideae Anchoniinae, the second type inHesperideae Hesperidinae, the third only in(More)
Karyotypic formulae of theScorzonera L. species are as follows:S. purpurea L.: K (2n)=14=8 Am+6 Bsm and K (2n)=14+1=9 Am+6 Bsm;S. austriaca Willd.: K (2n)=14=6 Am+6 Bsm+2 Cst;S. humilis L.: K (2n)=14=12 Am+2 Bsm;S. parviflora Jacq.: K (2n)=14=10 Am+4 Bsm;S. hispanica L.: K (2n)=12 Am+2 Bsm. The results of the study of the karyotypes of the generaScorzonera(More)