František Vácha

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Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) under in vivo conditions is a well-established technique for the evaluation of populations of protein bound/unbound nucleic acid (NA) molecules or NA hybridization kinetics. However, in vivo FRET has not been applied to in vivo quantitative conformational analysis of NA thus far. Here we explored parameters(More)
Tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum) were kept in CO 2 free air for several days to investigate the effect of lack of electron acceptors on the photosynthetic electron transport chain. CO 2 starvation resulted in a dramatic decrease in photosynthetic activity. Measurements of the electron transport activity in thylakoid membranes showed that a loss of(More)
Prof. Danuše Sofrová belongs to a group of researchers who established photosynthesis research in former Czechoslovakia, got in touch with the international photosynthetic community and became a significant part of it. She spent most of her productive life (1961-2014) at the in Prague with her students. She devoted most of her energy to them rather than(More)
One of the most fascinating problems addressed today is retrieving high-resolution data of blurred images obtained from biological objects. In most cases the research relays either on a priory knowledge of the image nature or a large number of images (either of the same object or of different objects obtained by the same imaging setup). If saturation is(More)
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