František Kukurugya

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During the steel production in the basic oxygen furnace (BOF), approximately 7-15 kg of dust per tonne of produced steel is generated. This dust contains approximately 1.4-3.2% Zn and 54-70% Fe. Regarding the zinc content, the BOF dust is considered to be highly problematic, and therefore new technological processes for recycling dusts and sludge from(More)
The hydrometallurgical route of copper and tin extraction from printed circuit boards (PCBs) of used personal computers after thermal pretreatment is discussed. The samples were thermally pretreated within temperature range of 300-900°C during 15, 30 and 60 min. Two methods of the thermal pretreatment were studied: burning and pyrolysis. The leaching(More)
In this study the hydrometallurgical processing of BOF sludge in the sulphuric acid solutions under atmospheric pressure and temperatures up to 100 °C is investigated on a laboratory scale. The influence of sulphuric acid concentration, temperature, time and liquid to solid ratio (L:S) on the leaching process was studied. The main aim of this study was to(More)
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