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Z-curve 2.0: Estimating Replication Rates and Discovery Rates
Publication bias, the fact that published studies are not necessarily representative of all conducted studies, poses a significant threat to the credibility of scientific literature. To mitigate theExpand
The effects of pre- and post-partum depression on child behavior and psychological development from birth to pre-school age: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis
Background Pre- and post-partum depression is a common mood disorder with detrimental effects on both mother and child. The aim of the proposed review is to summarize evidence related to the effectsExpand
Robust Bayesian Meta-Analyses [R package RoBMA version 1.1.2]
Associations Between Mode of Birth and Neuropsychological Development in Children Aged 4 Years: Results from a Birth Cohort Study.
The aim of this prospective longitudinal study was to examine the association between Cesarean section (CS) and child development and behavior. The sample consisted of 256 children who were born atExpand
The Wider Context of Non-clinical Narcissism: Professional Life, Communication, and Self Control
The author of this article conducted a representative survey (N=1081) to examine the signs of non-clinical narcissism in professional life, human relations, and self-control. He found that peopleExpand
Openness of the Public to Right-Wing Extremism and Social Distance to Minorities
Abstract The article informs of the results of research for the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Its main aim was to state the measure of risk of right-wing extremism in the Czech RepublicExpand
Testing Heterogeneity in Inter-Rater Reliability
Estimating the inter-rater reliability (IRR) is important for assessing and improving the quality of ratings. In some cases, the IRR may differ between groups due to their features. To testExpand