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In 2007, the World Health Organization, together with United Nations and international organization as well as experts, met to draw upon existing evidence and practical experience from regions, countries and individual schools in promoting health through schools. The goal of the meeting was to identify current and emerging global factors affecting schools,(More)
Maneuvers that reflexly increase vagal tone were deployed to terminate the tachycardia in 68 consecutive patients with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia. The order and success rate of the protocol was as follows: 57 episodes were terminated with carotid sinus pressure alone or after pretreatment with edrophonium, 5 were terminated with the Valsalva(More)
The incidence and possible mechanism of early spontaneous termination of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia was studied in 20 consecutive patients. Episodes of induced tachycardia that terminated spontaneously within the 1st minute after initiation were included. Tachycardias ending spontaneously were associated with a reproducible course of(More)
The present study refers to six patients in whom an A-V reciprocal rhythm could be documented; in four cases it took the form of sustained tachycardia. None of the patients showed any ECG feature of ventricular pre-excitation (PR interval of more than 0.12 sec. and normal QRS configuration). The extrastimulus method showed, at first, that the A-V conduction(More)
Neurons in the insular cortex have recently been shown to innervate medullary autonomic nuclei such as the nucleus tractus solitarii (NTS). The present study examines the effect of lesioning the insular cortex on baroreceptor-heart rate reflex in conscious rats. We did this by occluding the stem of the left proximal middle cerebral artery which causes a(More)
We analyzed the action of adenosine and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on the chronotropism of the dog heart in situ. The compounds were administered either intravenously (i.v.) after bivagotomy and propranolol treatment, or intracoronary (i.c.) in the sinus node blood supply. Under these conditions the intervention of reflex reactions was eliminated, and a(More)
BACKGROUND Few patients who present with dysphagia from esophageal cancer are curable. The rates of surgical resecability are low and the reported 5-yr survival rates are < 10%. Nonsurgical, endoscopic palliation of obstructing gastrointestinal cancers has became popular with stents, Nd: YAG laser, BICAP tumor probe, self-expanding metallic stents. Because(More)
Neurones in the insular cortex have been shown to innervate medullary autonomic nuclei. Occlusion of the stem of the left proximal middle cerebral artery in rats caused a lesion in the insular and adjacent lateral frontoparietal cortices. Nine and 10 days after lesioning or sham operation, we examined the relationship between mean blood pressure and the(More)