Frans X. Plooij

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Questionnaire and interview data were collected on 15 mothers with babies between 0 and 20 months old. A prospective, longitudinal design was used. Mother-infant conflicts were clustered in distinct, difficult periods and were preceded by regressive behaviour of the infant. It is argued that conflict creates opportunities for learning and progress. On the(More)
Many researchers are interested in chimpanzee vocal communication, both as an important aspect of chimpanzee social behavior and as a source of insights into the evolution of human language. Nonetheless, very little is known about how chimpanzee vocal communication develops from infancy to adulthood. The largest dataset of audiorecordings from free-living(More)
In a naturalistic study in the Gombe National Park, Tanzania, five chimpanzee mothers with offspring under 24 months of age were observed. Earlier studies have shown that young chimpanzees pass through distinct periods of developmental reorganization and that these episodes are characterized by regressive behaviour. The episodes in turn trigger changes in(More)
According to the literature about developmental changes, periods of instability and disorganization in the social and emotional behavior in both human and non-human primate, infancy precedes major developmental achievements or transitions (Heimann, 2003; Sparrow & Brazelton, 2006). Developmental investigators have observed a more frequent and prolonged(More)
Het idee dat er een koppeling te leggen valt tussen rijping van het zenuwstelsel en ontwikkelings-mijlpalen of -transities, zoals voor het eerst grijpen, kruipen of lopen, is onhoudbaar gebleken. Wel valt er een koppeling in de tijd te leggen tussen hersenveranderingen en regressieperioden zoals beschreven door Van de Rijt-Plooij en Plooij (1992). De vraag(More)
Studies of chimpanzee vocal communication provide valuable insights into the evolution of communication in complex societies, and also comparative data for understanding the evolution of human language. One particularly valuable dataset of recordings from free-living chimpanzees was collected by Frans X. Plooij and the late Hetty van de Rijt-Plooij at Gombe(More)
De bijdrage van Kalverboer over ‘Transities in de ontwikkeling’ onderstreept de belangrijke rol, die inter– en intra–individuele variaties in de ontwikkeling van een kind spelen. Aan de hand van zijn bespreking van het werk van Gesell en Werner poogt hij de lezer te overtuigen dat de – door Gesell geformuleerde – regel dat de ontwikkeling van het ‘normale’(More)
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