Frans Willem Jan Albers

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During injection of artificial endolymph into scala media of the guinea pig, fluid pressure was simultaneously measured in endolymph and perilymph with micropipettes. Pressure differences in the order of 10 Pa could reproducibly be measured upon injection of 2-4 microl of artificial endolymph with a rate of 50 nl/s. Injection of larger volumes damaged the(More)
Inner ear fluid pressure was measured during 6.25 mHz square wave middle ear pressure manipulation, with a perforated tympanic membrane. After a negative-going middle ear pressure change the calculated flow resistance of the inner ear pressure release routes (mainly the cochlear aqueduct) was approximately constant, with a value of 12 Pa s/nl (averaged over(More)
This study investigated the psychometric adequacy of the (modified) Amsterdam Inventory for Auditory Disability and Handicap ((m)AIAD). The original version of the AIAD was developed by Kramer et al in 1995. Special emphasis was placed on the statistical aspects of the scores, because these properties place limits on the clinical utility of the instrument.(More)
The inner ear fluid pressure was measured in scala media of the guinea pig through one barrel of a double-barreled micropipette after a sudden volume increase or decrease, caused by injection or withdrawal of artificial endolymph through the other barrel. During injection or withdrawal, the inner ear pressure changed in the order of 1-10 cm water, but it(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the preventive effect of buttermilk, Yakult Light fermented milk drink and N-acetylcysteine on biofilm formation on voice prostheses in vitro. MATERIAL AND METHODS Groningen button and Provox 2 voice prostheses were inoculated with a mixture of bacteria and yeasts isolated from previously explanted Groningen button voice prostheses.(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the current ideas about the manifestations of neural plasticity in generating tinnitus. DATA SOURCES Recently published source articles were identified using MEDLINE, PubMed, and Cochrane Library according to the key words mentioned below. STUDY SELECTION Review articles and controlled trials were particularly selected. DATA(More)
CONCLUSIONS Open-set speech perception in children with an inner ear malformation is equal to that of other congenitally deaf children after an average of 2 years follow-up. OBJECTIVE To analyze audiological performance after cochlear implantation in a sample of children with radiographically detectable malformations of the inner ear compared to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine a relation between acute inner ear pressure changes and cochlear function as measured by low-level 2f(1)-f(2) distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs). MATERIAL AND METHODS During and after a change in inner ear pressure induced by injection or aspiration of perilymph, the 2f(1)-f(2) DPOAE at 4.5 kHz generated by low-level(More)
The aim of this study was to reinvestigate many of the claims in the literature about hearing loss in patients with Menière's disease. We carried this out on a well-defined group of patients under well-controlled circumstances. Thus, we were able to find support for some claims and none for many others. As part of a diagnostic protocol, pure-tone and speech(More)
In this study, short latency vestibular evoked potentials (VsEPs) were recorded in five guinea pigs in response to alternating linear acceleration pulses with and without acoustic masking. A steel bolt was implanted in the skull and coupled to a shaker. Linear acceleration pulses (n = 400) in upward, downward or alternating directions were given, with a(More)