Frans Peder R. Nilson

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Low molecular weight liquid hydrocarbons from various sources, could have formed an oil layer covering the primeval ocean (present already 4.0–4.4 × 109 yr ago), preventing water from evaporating into the atmosphere. Water from other sources, precipitated by cold traps at higher altitude in the atmosphere, becomes trapped in the ocean. In a thereby more dry(More)
The concept of the 1H-NMR window has been developed and examined through a comparative study of NOESY spectra of a self-complementary Dickerson's dodecamer (I) [5'd(5C6G7C8G9A10A11T12T13C-14G15C16G)2(3')], a self-complementary 20-mer (II) [(5'd(1C2G3C4G5C6G7C8G9A10A11T12T13C14G15C16G17C18G19C20G)2(3')] in which the core part consists of the same Dickerson's(More)
Selective incorporation of the stereospecifically deuteriated sugar moieties (> 97 atom % 2H enhancements at H2', H2'', H3' and H5'/5'' sites, approximately 85 atom % 2H enhancement at H4' and approximately 20 atom % 2H enhancement at H1') in DNA and RNA by the 'NMR-window' approach has been shown to solve the problem of the resonance overlap [refs. 1, 2 &(More)
Pure 1'#,2',3',4'#,5',5''-2H6-ribonucleoside derivatives 10-14, 1'#,2',2'',3',4'#,5',5''-2H7-2'-deoxynucleoside blocks 15-18 and their natural-abundance counterparts were used to assemble partially deuterated ribonucleotide-dimers (* indicates deuteration at 1'#,2',3',4'#,5',5''(2H6)): ApU* 21, GpC* 22 and partially deuterated 2'-deoxyribonucleotide-dimers(More)
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