Frans B Segerink

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We show that extraordinary light transmission of periodic subwavelength hole arrays, generally attributed to surface-plasmon resonances, is strongly influenced by the hole shape. Both experiments and calculations, based on a Fourier modal method, demonstrate that a shape change from circular to rectangular increases the normalized transmission by an order(More)
We present a resonant optical nanoantenna positioned at the end of a metal-coated glass fiber near-field probe. Antenna resonances, excitation conditions, and field localization are directly probed in the near field by single fluorescent molecules and compared to finite integration technique simulations. It is shown that the antenna is equivalent to its(More)
The influence of hole shape on the nonlinear optical properties of metallic subwavelength hole arrays is investigated. It is found that the amount of second harmonics generated can be enhanced by changing the hole shape. In part this increase is a direct result of the effect of hole shape on the linear transmission properties. Remarkably, in addition to(More)
We report on the concept, generation, and first observations of focused surface plasmons on shaped gratings. The grating patterns are designed to realize focusing and directing through noncollinear phasematching. The plasmons are generated on patterned gold surfaces, and the plasmon propagation is observed using phase-sensitive photon scanning tunneling(More)
We present a novel atomic force microscope (AFM) system, operational in liquid at variable gravity, dedicated to image cell shape changes of cells in vitro under hypergravity conditions. The hypergravity AFM is realized by mounting a stand-alone AFM into a large-diameter centrifuge. The balance between mechanical forces, both intra- and extracellular,(More)
We describe the realization of a phase-sensitive and ultrafast near-field microscope, optimized for investigation of surface plasmon polariton propagation. The apparatus consists of a homebuilt near-field microscope that is incorporated in Mach-Zehnder-type interferometer which enables heterodyne detection. We show that this microscope is able to measure(More)
A novel inverse imprinting procedure for nanolithography is presented which offers a transfer accuracy and feature definition that is comparable to state-of-the-art nanofabrication techniques. We illustrate the fabrication quality of a demanding nanophotonic structure: a photonic crystal waveguide. Local examination using photon scanning tunneling(More)
The monoclinic double tungstate crystals are good candidates as host materials for rare-earth ions. Thanks to their crystalline nature, clustering of doping ions is avoided. High concentrations of active ions can therefore be achieved, which, together with the large absorption and emission cross sections of the active ions in these materials, leads to(More)
An evanescent field optical microscope (EFOM) is presented which employs frustrated total internal reflection on a localized scale by scanning a dielectric tip in close proximity to a sample surface. High resolution images of dielectric gratings and spheres containing both topographic and dielectric information have been obtained. The resolution obtained is(More)
We report the near-field observation of the phase shifts associated with total internal reflection on a glass-air interface and surface plasmon resonance on a glass-gold-air system. The phase of the evanescent waves on glass and gold surfaces, as a function of incident angle, is measured using a phase-sensitive Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscope (PSTM)(More)