Franois Michaud

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Mobile robots are machines that can move and act in the real world, making it possible to generate a multitude of interplay situations, which can engage children and encourage interaction in a variety of different ways. Mobility, appearance, interaction modalities (e.g., sound, light, moving parts) and behaviour (predetermined and adaptive) can all have an(More)
Telerobot is a mobile robotic platform providing mobility to sensors, actuators and communication devices for home telehealth services. Teleoperated from a distant location, a mobile robot with some autonomous capabilities can become a beneficial tool i n telehealth applications [2,3,5]. Assistive technologies for telemonitoring in homes constitute a very(More)
The Canadian public health care system is facing a shortage of emergency specialists, including trauma surgeons [1]. General practitioners (GPs) are more than ever called to provide medical care in emergency rooms in order to keep the service to the population at an adequate level. This is particularly true in remote regions of Canada. GPs working in(More)
Designing mobile robots requires the integration of physical components, sensors, actuators, energy sources, embedded computing and decision algorithms into one system. Additional expertise is also beneficial when the desired robotic platform must fulfill a specific purpose in a real application. This paper describes three initiatives involving robot design(More)
Robots fail to perform complex manipulation or locomotion tasks when using simple force or motion controllers applied to classic actuators. Stability and safety issues arise for reasons such as high output inertia and the non-collocation of sensing and actuating transducers. This paper presents a new actuation concept, integrating a DC motor and two(More)
”Aurally Informed Performance’ for mobile robots operating in natural environments brings difficult challenges, such as: localizing sound sources all around the robot; tracking these sources as they or the robot move; separate the sources as a pre-processing step for recognition and processing, in real-time; dialogue management and interaction in crowded(More)
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