Franklin Vargas

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1. The effects of an oral daily dose (10 mg kg(-1)) of the flavonoid quercetin for 5 weeks in spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) and normotensive Wistar Kyoto rats (WKY) were analysed. 2. Quercetin induced a significant reduction in systolic (-18%), diastolic (-23%) and mean (-21%) arterial blood pressure and heart rate (-12%) in SHR but not in WKY rats. 3.(More)
A survey of natural ecotopes of Triatoma infestans dark morph and other triatomine sylvatic species was performed in an uninhabited area of the Bolivian Chaco. Among the 321 triatomines collected by light trapping, only 4 T. infestans dark morph specimens were identified. Predominant flying species were T. guasayana and T. sordida group 2 (51.7% and 37.1%(More)
Triatoma sordida is the second species of Triatominae considered of epidemiological significance in Bolivia. Associated with Triatoma infestans in various regions, it is as yet the only triatomine species established in human dwellings in localities of Velasco province, Department of Santa Cruz. This domestication is considered as primary. Flagellate(More)
. infection below which mass peatment will become unfavourable in terrns of cost-effectiveness. However, it also implies that above this value variations in the prevalence of infection have little effect on the cost per infected person treated. The precise prevalence value at which this non-linearity is evident is dependent on the cost per person treated:(More)
Parasites belonging to Leishmania braziliensis, Leishmania donovani, Leishmania mexicana complexes and Trypanosoma cruzi (clones 20 and 39) were searched in blood, lesions and strains collected from 28 patients with active cutaneous leishmaniasis and one patient with visceral leishmaniasis. PCR-hybridization with specific probes of Leishmania complexes (L.(More)
Using ubiquitous primers which amplify the variable parts of kDNA minicircle of all Leishmania spp, we obtained for Leishmania (viannia) lainsoni a major band of 605 bp (band 1) shared with L. V. braziliensis and a minor 524 bp band (band 2) specific of L. V. lainsoni. The specificity of the two bands was examined through Southern blot hybridization of kDNA(More)
This study was performed to determine the possible contribution of an imbalance between P(2X) (vasoconstriction) and P(2Y) (vasodilation)-purinergic reactivity to the increased vascular resistance of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). The vasoactive responses to alpha,beta-methylene ATP and 2-methylthio ATP specific agonists, respectively, for P(2X) and(More)
The effects of hyper- and hypothyroidism on the vasorelaxing responses to acetylcholine (ACh), sodium nitroprusside (NP), and CaCl2 were investigated in aortic strips and isolated perfused kidneys. The renal vascular reactivity to ACh and NP was increased in hyperthyroid rats, whereas the concentration-response curve to ACh in hypothyroid rats was(More)
The detection of two widespread Trypanosoma cruzi clonal genotypes (20 and 39) in feces of Bolivian specimens of the vector Triatoma infestans was performed by a combination of polymerase chain reaction and clone-specific DNA hybridization. The hybridization pattern of 186 PCR positive samples cf T. infestans feces collected in two Bolivian departments(More)
The genus Panstrongylus includes 14 species widely distributed from Mexico to Argentina, some of them with great epidemiological significance as vectors of Chagas disease. We study the karyotype and the male meiotic process of Panstrongylus chinai, P. geniculatus, P. herreri, P. lignarius, P. megistus, P. rufotuberculatus and P. tupynambai. All species(More)