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The Veratrum-derived steroidal alkaloid, jervine, induces cyclopia and limb malformations in sheep, and various other craniofacial malformations in several other mammalian and avian species. In the present study, the question whether jervine acts directly or indirectly on mammalian embryos to produce malformations and the nature of the target tissue or(More)
Jervine, a steroidal alkaloid found as a minor constituent in the teratogenic range plant Veratrum californicum, has produced similar terata in sheep, rabbit, hamster, and chick, although the sensitivity to the alkaloid varies in the different species. Sprague Dawley rats and Swiss Webster mice are relatively insensitive. The aim of this study was to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study describes characteristics of psychiatry inpatients with developmental disabilities (DD) and their admissions to psychiatry wards in 2 acute care hospitals. It also compares differences in lengths of stay between admissions of this group with a comparison sample of inpatient admissions without DD. METHOD A retrospective chart review(More)
Infectious and parasitic diseases have always challenged man. Although many of them are typically seen in some areas of the world and can be adequately managed by just improving socioeconomic status and sanitary conditions, they are still quite prevalent and may sometimes be seen outside their original geographical areas. Human migration due to different(More)
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography was used for both analytical and preparative separations of several steroidal alkaloids which occur in extracts of Veratrum californicum. The inclusion of 0.1% trifluoroacetic acid in the mobile phase improved the efficiency of the chromatography and the solubility of the compounds in aqueous(More)
Human ameloblastoma tissue was investigated using cell culture techniques, transmission electron microscopy and fluorescent microscopy. Cultured cellular morphology was dependent on the type of substratum, with polygonal cells predominant on collagen substrata in contrast to an elongated cellular morphology on glass substrata. The presence of tonofilaments(More)
It was demonstrated in this study that bovine odontogenic tissues and the dissociated cell preparations of such tissues, when transplated to the subcapsular kidney site of hypothymic mice, retained their phenotypic expression and continued function to produce their recognisable products, dentine and enamel matrices. It was also shown that in the grafts of(More)