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Variable angle of incidence spectroscopic ellipsometry (VASE) is commonly used for multilayer optical analysis, but in some cases this experiment (performed in reflection) does not provide sufficient information for the unique determination of the thicknesses and optical constants of the films in the given multilayer. We have found that augmenting the VASE(More)
I-line (365 nm) and G-line (436 nm) attenuated phase shifting photomasks have been developed using single layer Cr-based photoblanks. The absorber layer has a composition gradient that allows the desired transmission to be tuned while maintaining control over reflectivity and phase shift. These photoblanks are manufactured in existing facilities, and masks(More)
Scatterometry is presented as an optical metrology technique potentially capable of determining the critical parameters of phase shifting diffraction grating test structures (sidewall profile, linewidth, and etch depth where appropriate). The technique is noncontact, rapid and nondestructive. The test grating structure is illuminated by a laser beam and the(More)
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