Franklin J. D. Serduke

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We present extensive u ′ g ′ r ′ i ′ BV RIY JHK s photometry and optical spec-troscopy of the Type Ia supernova (SN) 2005hk. These data reveal that SN 2005hk was nearly identical in its observed properties to SN 2002cx, which has been called " the most peculiar known Type Ia supernova. " Both supernovae exhibited high-ionization SN 1991T-like pre-maximum(More)
An important and perhaps critical clue to the mechanism driving the explosion of massive stars as supernovae is provided by the accumulating evidence for asymmetry in the explosion. Indirect evidence comes from high pulsar velocities, associations of supernovae with long-soft gamma-ray bursts, and asymmetries in late-time emission-line profiles.(More)
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