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A current review of the available epidemiological data from many countries clearly indicates that there is a marked increase in the prevalence of dental caries. This global increase in dental caries prevalence affects children as well as adults, primary as well as permanent teeth, and coronal as well as root surfaces. This increase in dental caries signals(More)
The purpose of this 30-month study was to explore the effectiveness of a caries-preventive regimen in lowering the salivary mutans streptococci level in pregnant women and, subsequently, in inhibiting the growth of these bacteria in their young children. Beginning at the end of the sixth month of pregnancy and continuing until delivery, subjects rinsed(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Discoloration of resin-based composites by colored solutions is a common problem. The use of bleaching agents for discolored natural teeth is becoming increasingly popular. It is not clear if bleaching agents can remove the stain from composite resins. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 2 staining(More)
This study tested recently recommended cut-off limits for the laser fluorescence based device DIAGNOdent (KaVo) for detection of occlusal caries. Two hundred and forty-eight permanent molars from 94 patients (mean age 19.2 years) of a general dental practice were included. After professional tooth cleaning, the teeth were examined visually and by the laser(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate clinically and microbiologically the effect of calcium hydroxide (CH) on carious dentin on primary teeth submitted to indirect pulp capping (IPC). METHODS Twenty 4-7 year-old subjects with 42 treated teeth participated in the study. The treatment consisted of incomplete excavation of the demineralized dentin, application of a CH or(More)
The purposes of this study were to (1) evaluate the shear bond strength of brackets fixed to enamel that has been etched for 15 or 60 seconds, (2) correlate etch time with amount of resin remaining on the enamel after debonding; and (3) evaluate enamel morphology after acid etching. Sixty recently extracted human premolars were randomly divided into two(More)
This study examined the correlation between dark pigmented dental plaque (black stain) and caries. Black stain was observed in 67 of 1086 schoolchildren (from 6-12 years old). The mean DMF-T was 0.49 = 1.05 for children with black stain and 0.97 = 1.40 for children with black without black stain (p<0.05). The results suggest an association between black(More)
Millions of teeth are saved each year by root canal therapy. Although current treatment modalities offer high levels of success for many conditions, an ideal form of therapy might consist of regenerative approaches in which diseased or necrotic pulp tissues are removed and replaced with healthy pulp tissue to revitalize teeth. Researchers are working toward(More)
PURPOSE This literature review aimed to find answers to relevant questions regarding the clinical outcome of endontically treated teeth restored with fiber posts. MATERIALS AND METHODS All clinical studies published since 1990 in journals indexed in MEDLINE were retrieved by searching PubMed with the query terms "fiber posts and clinical studies." The(More)
Regenerative endodontics has gained much attention in the past decade because it offers an alternative approach in treating endodontically involved teeth. Instead of filling the canal space with artificial materials, it attempts to fill the canal with vital tissues. The objective of regeneration is to regain the tissue and restore its function to the(More)