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The effect of dietary oils [menhaden (MO), flax (FL), palm (PO), and sunflower oils (SF)] with added tocopherols on the tocopherol deposition, fatty acid composition, and thiobarbituric acid (TBA) values of egg or tissues (liver, adipose tissue, white meat, and dark meat) were examined. Addition of tocopherols increased (P < 0.05) the total egg or tissue(More)
STUDY DESIGN This study investigated the use of mechanically elicited electromyograms during the placement of pedicle screws in 89 patients undergoing surgery for spinal stenosis. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Several methods for monitoring nerve roots are available. However, mechanically elicited electromyograms may be more sensitive to mechanical(More)
Arthritis is a significant and costly healthcare problem that requires objective and quantifiable methods to evaluate its progression. Here we describe software that can automatically determine the locations of seven joints in the proximal hand and wrist that demonstrate arthritic changes. These are the five carpometacarpal (CMC1, CMC2, CMC3, CMC4, CMC5),(More)
Following fixed-ratio baselines, the independent delivery of reinforcers was scheduled alone or concomitant with the fixed-ratio schedule for all subjects. Systematic manipulations of either the interreinforcement interval or the ratio size were also made during concomitant schedules. Response rates during the independent delivery of reinforcers did not(More)
BACKGROUND In the era of cost-consciousness regarding healthcare , provision of medical services in an outpatient setting has become increasingly attractive. We report an influenza outbreak in an ambulatory stem cell transplant center in 2013 that highlights unique identification and infection control challenges in this setting. METHODS Nasopharyngeal(More)
  • Frankie Wolfe
  • European journal of rheumatology and inflammation
  • 1991
Many problems make it difficult to estimate the exact risk of peptic ulceration and its complications, perforation and bleeding, in patients receiving NSAIDs. Nevertheless the association of these events and treatment is now beyond dispute. Deaths are a particular problem in the elderly since mortality from peptic ulcer disease rises steeply after age 60.(More)
The length of time that patients remain on anti-rheumatic therapy is an important measure of the effectiveness of that therapy since length of time on therapy is a composite measure that accounts for sustained, positive therapeutic benefit as well as negative therapeutic benefit (e.g. adverse reactions, unacceptable costs and loss of efficacy), and accounts(More)