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Nowadays, General Purpose Computing on GPUs (GPGPU) accelerates many industrial and scientific applications in the high performance computing (HPC) domain. Recently, GPU vendors, such as Nvidia and AMD, promoted the utilization of high end GPUs in embedded systems. The intention of the GPU vendors is the acceleration of traditional graphics computations,(More)
Introduction Reasoning とは,正当な結果に到達するため inferences(推測)を調整していくなど, 熟考された活動として定義される 典型的に reasoning は,個人における認知的行為と考えられているが・・ 社会的なプロセスの面もある 今回 Collaborarive reasoning を取り上げる 二人もしくはそれ以上が適切な結果に到達する目的を持ち,彼らの考えを調整 する(していく)ケースを扱う 推論(reasoning)の重要視しているのは反証についてである 一致だけでなく反証の効果も見ていくことが必要である 最近の研究の多くは仮説検証のロジックの見解を基本的に有しており,それら の応用(適用)に興味が広がっている(More)
The IEEE 802.16 standard, commonly known as WiMAX, is the latest technology that has promised to offer broadband wireless access over long distance. Since 2001, WiMAX has evolved from 802.16 to 802.16d standard for fixed wireless access and to the new IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX) standard with mobility support. Meanwhile, its security is becoming a critical(More)
A one parameter, model confined-gluon propagator is employed in a phenomenological application of the Dyson-Schwinger and Bethe-Salpeter equations to the calculation of a range of πand ρ-meson observables. Good agreement is obtained with the data. The calculated quark propagator does not have a singularity on the real-p2 axis. A mass formula for the pion,(More)
This paper sheds a new light on submodular function minimization and maximization from the viewpoint of discrete convex analysis. L-convex functions and M-concave functions constitute subclasses of submodular functions on an integer interval. Whereas L-convex functions can be minimized efficiently on the basis of submodular (set) function minimization(More)
  • Frank, Tandy
  • Physical review. C, Nuclear physics
  • 1994
The Global Color-symmetry Model of QCD is extended to deal with a background electromagnetic field and the associated conserved current is identified for composite ¯ qq pion modes of the model. Although the analysis is limited to tree level in the bilocal fields that bosonize the model, the identified photon-pion vertex produces the charge form factor(More)