Frank de Gregorio

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The study refers to the clinical experiences performed with several D1 and D2 dopaminergic receptors agonists in 20 patients with high tension open angle glaucoma. The substances were administered topically as eye drops as well as an ocular eye bath. The parameter examined was intraocular pressure (IOP). The substances taken in consideration were: Dopamine,(More)
PURPOSE Ibopamine is used when performing provocative tests, thanks to its pharmacological property of increasing ocular pressure in eyes with outflow system impairment. This study summarizes the latest results that we have achieved with reference to its clinical-diagnostic use. METHODS 175 (250 eyes) POAG patients, 101 (190 eyes) glaucoma suspects with(More)
BACKGROUND Topically administered 2% ibopamine (a dopaminergic agonist) induces a transitory ocular hypertension in 92% of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma and in 52% of patients with normal tension glaucoma. In normal eyes, ibopamine has no effect on IOP. PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to verify, by means of fluorophotometric(More)
In 35 patients with bilateral primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), with asymmetrical evolution of the neuropticopathy between the two eyes, we compared within each patient, the response to ibopamine and the perimetric defect. In 88% of cases (31/35 patients) the eye with the most severe perimetric defect had high intraocular pressure or a larger IOP increase(More)
OBJECTIVES It is unclear why men who undergo radical prostatectomy (RP) and are found to have pathologically organ-confined disease develop prostate-specific antigen (PSA) recurrences. We previously found that patients with less than 45% of cells in the prostate needle biopsy specimen (PNBx) staining positive for the cell cycle regulator p27 had a(More)
PURPOSE To assess the clinical efficacy of ibopamine eye drops in severe hypotony secondary to chronic progressive uveitis. METHODS Case report. A 47-year-old man with a 37-year history of diffuse uveitis and severe refractory hypotony was treated with topical 2% ibopamine (Trazyl) six times a day. Intraocular pressure, visual acuity, visual field and(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present preliminary study, performed on post-surgical hypotony, was the evaluation of the effects on ocular hypotony of the concomitant administration of ibopamine and corticosteroids. METHODS 14 patients (11 males-3 females; mean age 47 years) with ocular hypotony following several vitroretinal surgical intervention in different(More)
The favourable neurotrophic effects obtained by means of the intramuscular administration of citicoline, one of the intermediate compounds of phospholipids, on the visual field of patients suffering from open-angle glaucoma are referred. The drug was administered at the dose of 1 gm for ten consecutive days. Visual field was examined by means of central(More)