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This paper presents initial results of the recently kicked-off FP7 ICT STREP project " CoRaSat " (Cognitive Radio for Satellite Communications) [1]. Focus is put on the preliminary identification of the scenarios which are suitable for the applicability of Cognitive Radio technology over Satellite Communications (SatCom). The considered frequency bands(More)
<b><i>Context</i></b>. A glossary is an important part of any software requirements document. By making explicit the technical terms in a domain and providing definitions for them, a glossary serves as a helpful tool for mitigating ambiguities. <b><i>Goal</i></b>. A necessary step for building a glossary is to decide upon the glossary terms and to identify(More)
Satellites to car multimedia content delivery systems , such as KU Mobile, are a promising area for research and development. With vehicles becoming more computational and communicative, the demand for bringing multimedia and information technology services into vehicles is raising. However, these systems suffer from significant signal fading and incomplete(More)
—Context. Boilerplates have long been used in Requirements Engineering (RE) to increase the precision of natural language requirements and to avoid ambiguity problems caused by unrestricted natural language. When boilerplates are used, an important quality assurance task is to verify that the requirements indeed conform to the boilerplates. Objective. If(More)
The competition between cluster spin glass (CSG) and ferromagnetism or antiferromagnetism is studied in this work. The model considers clusters of spins with short-range ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic (FE-AF) interactions (J_{0}) and long-range disordered couplings (J) between clusters. The problem is treated by adapting the correlated cluster(More)
We present NARCIA, a tool for analyzing the impact of change in natural language requirements. For a given change in a requirements document, NARCIA calculates quantitative scores suggesting how likely each requirements statement in the document is to be impacted. These scores, computed using Natural Language Processing (NLP), are used for sorting the(More)
The interplay between geometrical frustration (GF) and inverse freezing (IF) is studied within a cluster approach. The model considers first-neighbor (J_{1}) and second-neighbor (J_{2}) intracluster antiferromagnetic interactions between Ising spins on a checkerboard lattice and long-range disordered couplings (J) among clusters. We obtain phase diagrams of(More)