Frank Zhang

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Although therapeutic effect of adoptive transfer of endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) has been well-substantiated, the actual engraftment is relatively low compared to a robust functional improvement of vasculopathy. Cellular mechanisms governing this action remain elusive. A recently discovered cell-cell communication via tunneling nanotube (TNT)(More)
Endothelial Cell Dysfunction (ECD) is a recognized harbinger of a host of chronic cardiovascular diseases. Using a mouse model of ECD triggered by treatment with L-Nω-methylarginine (L-NMMA), we previously demonstrated that renal microvasculature displays a perturbed protein profile, including diminished expression of two key enzymes of the Krebs cycle(More)
  • Qi Chen, Rahul Vashishtha, Jeffrey Burks, Robert Bushman, Scott Liao, Russell Lundholm +2 others
  • 2015
We use the mergers and acquisitions waves in the U.S. banking industry to study the effect of bank market structure on borrowers' disclosure. Applying a difference-indifferences approach to explore variations in the timing of bank mergers, we document significant increase in borrowing firms' disclosure when their lead banks engage in merger and acquisition(More)
We examine if language differences explain heterogeneity in corporate decision-making. Speakers of strong " future time reference " (FTR) languages (e.g., English) are required to distinguish between the future and the present, while speakers of weak-FTR languages (e.g., Chinese) are not. We hypothesize that speaking about future events in present tense(More)
The practice of compensating executives with equity-based pay has come under recent scrutiny due to concerns that it induces excessive risk-taking. In this study, we assess the impact of stock-based pay for non-executive employees on corporate risk-taking. We cite evidence that granting an equity stake to non-executive employees increases both their level(More)
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