Frank Zhang

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—A design methodology for low power MOS distributed amplifiers (DAs) is presented. The bias point of the MOS devices is optimized so that the DA can be used as a low-noise amplifier (LNA) in broadband applications. A prototype 9-mW LNA with programmable gain was implemented in a 0.18-m CMOS process. The LNA provides a flat gain, 21 , of 8 0.6 dB from DC to(More)
A design methodology is presented for low power distributed amplifiers and is used for the design of a mW LNA with programmable gain implemented in a m CMOS process. The LNA provides a gain of dB from DC to GHz, with an input match of dB and an output match of dB over the entire band. The IIP3 is dBm, and the NF ranges from to dB. The gain is tunable from(More)
  • Frank bullet, Anuranjan Zhang, Ranjit Jha, Peter Gharpurey, An Kinget, Ultra-Wideband Agile +6 others
  • 2009
• Ultra-Wideband Pulse-Radio Transmitter: In this work we utilized high-speed DACs to generate broadband pulses for Pulse-Radio UWB transceivers. We developed ways to reduce sampling images with the help of interleaving and a new Partial-Order Hold DAC architecture. By storing the pulse shapes digitally in an on-chip memory, we can generate fast,(More)
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