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We develop models of stochastic discount factors in international economies that produce stochastic risk premiums and stochastic skewness in currency options. We estimate the models using time-series returns and option prices on three currency pairs that form a triangular relation. Estimation shows that the average risk premium in Japan is larger than that(More)
—Player satisfaction is particularly difficult to ensure in online games, due to interactions with other players. In adversarial multiplayer games, matchmaking typically consists in trying to match together players of similar skill level. However, this is usually based on a single skill value, and assumes the only factor of " fun " is the game balance. We(More)
Although therapeutic effect of adoptive transfer of endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) has been well-substantiated, the actual engraftment is relatively low compared to a robust functional improvement of vasculopathy. Cellular mechanisms governing this action remain elusive. A recently discovered cell-cell communication via tunneling nanotube (TNT)(More)
A design methodology is presented for low power distributed amplifiers and is used for the design of a mW LNA with programmable gain implemented in a m CMOS process. The LNA provides a gain of dB from DC to GHz, with an input match of dB and an output match of dB over the entire band. The IIP3 is dBm, and the NF ranges from to dB. The gain is tunable from(More)
  • Francesco Addabbo, Qiuying Chen, Dhara P. Patel, May Rabadi, Brian Ratliff, Frank Zhang +5 others
  • 2013
Endothelial Cell Dysfunction (ECD) is a recognized harbinger of a host of chronic cardiovascular diseases. Using a mouse model of ECD triggered by treatment with L-Nω-methylarginine (L-NMMA), we previously demonstrated that renal microvasculature displays a perturbed protein profile, including diminished expression of two key enzymes of the Krebs cycle(More)
—Intrusion detection, as a complementary mechanism to intrusion prevention, is necessary to secure wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs). In this paper we propose a practical agent-based distributed intrusion detection methodology for MANETs. A two-step intrusion detection procedure has been developed to effectively detect anomalies and identify attack(More)