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An increased level of serum estrogen is one marker of breast cancer risk. We have recently reported that increased risk of advanced breast cancer is associated with a common allele of the cytochrome P450c17alpha gene (CYP17), designated A2. We now show that CYP17 genotype is associated with serum hormone levels among 83 young, nulliparous women. Serum(More)
The effects of pregnancy on cognition and mood were examined using a repeated-measures design. Nineteen women, average age 33, were tested with a comprehensive neuropsychological battery during their last 2 months of pregnancy and again within 2 months of delivery. Blood samples were obtained from all subjects and assayed for a variety of steroid hormones(More)
BACKGROUND Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have a greater clustering of cardiac risk factors. However, the link between PCOS and cardiovascular (CV) disease is incompletely described. OBJECTIVE The aim of this analysis was to evaluate the risk of CV events in 390 postmenopausal women enrolled in the National Institutes of Health-National(More)
Premature luteinization has been reported to be associated with decreased pregnancy rates in patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization. However, the detrimental effect created by a pre-aspiration rise in progesterone is difficult to assess since ovarian stimulation affects both oocyte quality and endometrial receptivity. Therefore, the relationship between(More)
OBJECTIVE To generate estimates of the association between markers of ovarian aging and natural fertility in a community sample at risk for ovarian aging. METHODS Women aged 30-44 years with no history of infertility who had been trying to conceive for less than 3 months provided early-follicular phase serum and urine (N=100). Subsequently, these women(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D plays a role in reproductive capacity. Recently, several investigators have demonstrated higher IVF pregnancy rates in vitamin D replete women. The objective of this study was to validate these findings and to further elucidate the role of vitamin D in reproduction among a diverse group of women. METHODS This was a retrospective(More)
The insulin-like growth factor 1 gene (IGF1) is a strong candidate gene for a breast cancer susceptibility model. We investigated a dinucleotide repeat 969 bp upstream from the transcription start site of the IGF1 gene for possible associations with plasma IGF1 levels and breast cancer risk in a multiethnic group of postmenopausal women. Furthermore, we(More)
The risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is higher in women than in men, a sex difference that likely results from the effects of sex steroid hormones. To investigate this relationship, we first compared progression of β-amyloid (Aβ) pathology in male and female triple transgenic (3xTg-AD) mice. We found that female 3xTg-AD mice exhibit significantly greater Aβ(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide exploratory analyses of associations between levels of several sex hormones and cognitive performance in elderly women. BACKGROUND Sex steroid hormones are implicated in the cognitive processes of the adult brain. Comparing cognitive performance across or between conditions associated with different hormone levels, such as phases of(More)