Frank Yeong-Sung Lin

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In this paper, we study the relay station (RS) placement strategy in IEEE 802.16j WiMAX networks. Specifically, the impact of RS placement on IEEE 802.16j network performance is analyzed. A throughput maximization RS placement problem is mathematically formulated as a binary integer programming problem. We prove the NP-hardness of the formulated problem. To(More)
Among various access network topologies, the tree topology is the most popular due to its simplicity and relatively low cost. A salient example is the CATV network. In this paper, we consider the tree-based access network design problem where the operational cost and the fixed installation cost are jointly minimized. The problem is formulated as a(More)
In consideration of the reader collision problem in radio frequency identification (RFID) networks, we present an algorithm that deploys RFID reader networks so that they are flexible and efficient. We formulate the deployment issue as 0/1 integer programming problem, and propose a simulated annealing-based heuristic algorithm to solve it.
There are two challenges for the frame-slotted ALOHA algorithms in radio-frequency identification (RFID). The first challenge is estimating unknown tag-set size accurately; the second challenge is improving the efficiency of the arbitration process so that it uses less time slots to read all tags. This study proposes estimation algorithm based on the(More)
Incorporating sensor nodes with data aggregation capability to transmit less data flow in wireless sensor networks could reduce the total energy consumption. This calls for the efficient and effective data-centric routing algorithm to facilitate this advantage. In this paper, we model the data-centric routing problem by rigorous mixed integer and linear(More)
Due to varying wireless channel conditions, the IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) standard supports multiple modulation types to accommodate the tradeoff between data rate and bit error rate. In [9], Heusse, Rousseau, Berger-Sabbatel and Duda theoretically analyzed a performance anomaly when multi-rate stations with different modulation types(More)