Frank Winter

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Application-driven computers for Lattice Gauge Theory simulations have often been based on system-on-chip designs, but the development costs can be prohibitive for academic project budgets. An alternative approach uses compute nodes based on a commercial processor tightly coupled to a custom-designed network processor. Preliminary analysis shows that this(More)
Extensions to the C++ implementation of the QCD Data Parallel Interface are provided enabling acceleration of expression evaluation on NVIDIA GPUs. Single expressions are off-loaded to the device memory and execution domain leveraging the Portable Expression Template Engine and using Just-in-Time compilation techniques. Memory management is automated by a(More)
Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) are getting increasingly important as target architectures in scientific High Performance Computing (HPC). NVIDIA established CUDA as a parallel computing architecture controlling and making use of the compute power of their GPUs. CUDA provides sufficient support for C++ language elements to enable the Expression Template(More)
The fractal structure of high-temperature graphs of the three-dimensional Ising and XY models is investigated by simulating these graphs directly on a cubic lattice and analyzing them with the help of percolation observables. The Ising graphs are shown to percolate right at the Curie critical point. The diverging length scale relevant to the graphs in the(More)
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