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Renew is a computer tool that supports the development and execution of object-oriented Petri nets, which include net instances, synchronous channels, and seamless Java integration for easy modelling. Renew is available free of charge including the Java source code. Due to the growing application area more and more requirements had to be fulfilled by the(More)
While the desire to gain full access to stationary information sources (e.g. the company´s backoffice database) from abroad is only natural, inherent design limitations such as a lack of computational power, extremely limited resources and closedness to modifications, let mobile system integration be still a difficult issue. In contrast to other approaches(More)
In the development of distributed programs two diierent concepts have to be considered, each being quite complex even on its own: concurrency and distribution. For both similar problems like synchronization and communication need to be addressed, yet are treated with completely diierent mechanisms. This paper presents Dejay, a programming language based on(More)
Based on experience gathered with several releases of the CoreMedia Content Application Platform (CAP), we argue that a modern , generalized Content Management System should, as database systems do, support explicit content schemata. To control the inevitable evolution of the content schema, the schema should be subject to configuration management together(More)
Concurrent and distributed software systems are currently very distinct in their usage and programming. In the case of Java the rst requires threads, the latter RMI, CORBA, Voyager etc. However, they are tightly related and often cited in one breath. This paper presents a concept that uniies these two aspects into one. To achieve this the concept of virtual(More)