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In an ongoing effort to reduce development costs in spite of increasing system complexity, Motorola has been a long-time adopter of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) practices. The foundation of this approach is the creation of rigorous models throughout the development process, thereby enabling the introduction of automation. In this paper we present our(More)
A standardized and consistent means of determining the size of an artifact is fundamental to the ability to collect metrics such as defect density and productivity about the artifact. For example, source lines of code is often used as the size metric for C code. However, the concept of lines of code does not readily apply to modeling languages such as UML(More)
UniqueSoft is a provider of next-generation software development tools and services specializing in modernizing legacy software using highly automated tools and techniques to achieve superior results. UniqueSoft helps its clients through the various phases of a major transformation of their legacy systems, including analyzing the full system, formulating a(More)
Based on several years of experience in generating code from large SDL and UML models in the telecommunications domain, it has become apparent that model analysis must be used to augment more traditional validation and testing techniques. While model correctness is extremely important, the difficulty of use and non-scalability of most formal verification(More)