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The famous British transportation researcher, F. V. Webster, developed a series of useful traffic theories, which have had a very big influence on the modern traffic analysis since the 1950s. However, based on this study, Webster's minimum delay cycle length equation overestimates the optimal cycle length compared to the results based on the HCM 2000(More)
The 'virtual university' is becoming a commonplace idea or trope. In this book, we aim to explore both the concept and the practice of the 'virtual university'. Our exploration will be a critical one, hence the insertion of the question mark into our title—the 'virtual university?'. Here, at the outset of our discussion, it will be useful to signal two(More)
There are no specific legislative provisions regulating sterilisation in any State or Territory in Australia and there is a dearth of general case law on the subject. To determine the law relating to sterilisation, we need to consider both criminal and civil liability. In the absence of specific statutory provisions, it is necessary to examine the common(More)
  • F Webster
  • 1996
This study examines the feasibility of classifying rehabilitation patients according to relative cost and proposes an option for a casemix classification and payment system for rehabilitation services in Victoria. The classification system proposed has 16 mutually exclusive groups based on patient diagnosis, change in functional status, admission functional(More)
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