Frank W S Stetter

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Ethanol has a profound impact on biological systems and is moreover used in various medical and nonmedical applications. Its interaction with the lipid part of biological membranes has been the subject of intensive studies, but surprisingly, to our knowledge, no study has examined the influence of ethanol on lipid bilayer nanomechanics. We performed atomic(More)
Cholesterol is important for the formation of microdomains in supported lipid bilayers and is enriched in the liquid-ordered phase. To understand the interactions leading to this enrichment, we developed an AFM-based single-lipid-extraction (SLX) approach that enables us to determine the anchoring strength of cholesterol in the two phases of a(More)
The realization of a solid-supported lipid bilayer acting as a workbench for the study of membrane processes is a difficult task. For robustness, the bilayer has to be tethered to the substrate. At the same time, diffusion of the lipids and plastic deformations of the membrane should not be obstructed. Furthermore, a highly hydrated surrounding is(More)
Atomic force spectroscopy is an ideal tool to study molecules at surfaces and interfaces. An experimental protocol to couple a large variety of single molecules covalently onto an AFM tip is presented. At the same time the AFM tip is passivated to prevent unspecific interactions between the tip and the substrate, which is a prerequisite to study single(More)
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